Elevate Your Well-Being

in mind, body, and spirit

Heart-centered, in balance, present.

Are you ready to let something go that is no longer serving you and make more space for the things that bring you light? Do you feel a pull towards wanting to make a shift or change in this next phase of your life? Perhaps you are on the cusp of a transformation or would like to be.

I am passionate about helping people over 30 elevate their overall well-being through mindful, integrative practices. Let go of limiting beliefs and break free from old habits that are no longer serving you. I am here to guide and support you on your journey to optimize your health and help you find vitality.

You hold the power to heal yourself and deserve to live a fulfilling, purposeful, healthy life. Through consistent practices, you have the ability to make lifelong habits that nourish your mind, body and spirit.

I believe in the power bio-individuality and creating overall well-being through a variety of pillars, which could include nutrition, movement/physical exercise, social connection, relationships, spirituality, and creativity, depending on your specific goals. Each of us have different needs to bring us to our ideal health. What would it feel like to truly thrive? To feel confident in your body and your decisions? To be fully awake and present each day?

Each journey is unique. For me, it was through daily gratitude practices, meditation, and mindfulness that I was able to let go of limiting beliefs and begin living each day with light, joy, and presence. For so long, I was in my head, worrying about the past or future. Through a variety of tools, I have shifted towards living through my heart. These tools coupled with optimal nutrition for my individual needs and movement that excites and energizes me, have led me to you.

I am here to help you get to the root of your imbalance(s), help you achieve your wellness goals, and provide support as you open to joy, light, and presence.

1:1 Holistic Health Coaching

A 1:1 personalized coaching journey designed to free you of old behaviors that hold you back and prevent your body’s full healing power. Replace health issues and habits that are not serving you with joy, light, and strength as you discover exactly what you need to thrive and how to implement small, yet impactful, changes into your life.

You will receive support, guidance, and accountability in a safe space that allows you to show up authentically, just as you are in the present moment.

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Nutrient-Dense Foods

Discover nutrient dense foods while crowding out foods that don’t love you back. Foods such as blueberries, salmon, kale and pasture-raised eggs are examples of nutrient dense foods. When we incorporate more of these nutrient dense foods, we have less room for processed or sugary foods that may be wreaking havoc on your hormones, mood, sleep, and overall wellbeing. Food should give you energy and taste delicious!

Movement You Love

Moving your body is important for your physical health by improving bone health and increasing muscle mass, two things that decline as we age. It’s important for your heart and brain health and reduces overall risk of disease. The emotional and mental health benefits are also significant. Regular, consistent exercise releases endorphins helping you to feel happier, reduce stress and anxiety, promotes quality sleep, and boosts your confidence. It is important to move your body in a way you enjoy and will keep you coming back consistently!

What clients have to say…

“My overall health is so much better. My blood pressure is normal and blood work numbers came back great at last physical! Doctor told me to keep doing whatever it is that I’m doing because it’s working! At the beginning of Covid, I had raised the amount of anxiety medication that I was taking and as of today I am taking 1/3 of that. On my way to being completely off of it! I was looking to make lifestyle changes and even though sometimes life gets too busy and I get off track, I’ve learned to not be so hard on myself and just pick up where I left off. It’s not a short race that I lost, it’s a long term journey for the lifestyle that I want-mental, emotional and physical well-being. Donelle was patience and kind and listened to me about the changes I wanted to make in my life. I was open and ready to make these changes and I’m so thankful that she was there for me. She was a great coach/teacher!” – Nikki

I highly recommend having a Reiki session with Donelle. The first thing I thought to myself when my session ended was, “She has the magic touch!” My Reiki with her was thoroughly relaxing, and an almost out-of-body experience. The pain I was having completely went away during my session, and afterwards, I felt calm and in a state of bliss. I can’t wait for my next Reiki session with Donelle! “ – Victoria

Donelle’s reiki session helped me by allowing me a safe place to let go of unwanted energy and relax. The results were amazing! One thing I like was her knowledge of the practice allow me to fully release during our time together. I found the experience calming and safe. I would recommend Donelle’s services to people who need a moment to reset and recharge.” – Molly